Thursday, June 18, 2009


This summer has provided a lot of time to catch up on some wonderful podcasts. I'm currently working through The Village Church. (If you have not subscribed, shame on you. Do it now.) I was just looking through the list (correction: LONG list) of sermons yet to be listened to. As I was reading the titles, one stood out: "Sincere Love".
I listened to it.
I listened to it again.
I'll probably listen to it a third time. Maybe more.
It's an awesome, kick-you-in-the-face sermon.

The big questions: Are living in a way that shows non-believers that you could only love that way because there truly is a God? Have you realized that God gave us love that is gospel-centered, a self-sacrificing love? Are you so filled with the love of God so much that you can't help but sing the praises of Christ? Is your hatred for others blocking your encounter with the Living God? Do you want to be a sincere lover of others and of God? Are you growing in love daily? Are you making to time to be loved by God in order that you can translate that to others?

Listen to it. See what the Lord wants to teach you.

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