Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Should be Studying... Part 85

Well, not really part 85. It's close enough. I have less than two hours before my chemistry exam. So far, I have completed four finals, three projects, one presentation, and a job interview. I still have three finals left. Can anyone say,"Brain exhaustion"? It will be wonderful to have this semester's classes behind me. I have been gradually turning into a recluse due to the amount of studying I have done over the last few weeks. That along with reading has been my life. The workers at Barnes and Noble know who I am (Is that bad?). I just love books. I have room for maybe three books on my shelves, maybe. Last night, I bought two. I hope they will last until I leave on Tuesday (Yes, you read correctly, Tuesday as in three more days. I know, it's ridiculous). I already finished 200 pages of the first one... I might need to go back... At least I'm addicted to reading and not something harmful (just looking on the bright side of things...). Bookstores are one of my favorite places to go to, especially ones that are not national chains. It has that new book smell, it's quiet, it's...wonderful.
On a second note, I have deemed tonight, "I AIN'T STUDYIN' NOTHIN'" Night (obviously, all the reading is not helping my English...). I was thinking about staying in my room reading, but I think some social interaction that isn't revolving around polyatomic ions, mitosis, or verb conjugation is needed. Instead, it will be movie night at Hanna's. That sounds better. However, before I get to my "I AIN'T STUDYIN' NOTHIN'" night, I have chemistry.

Hello, polyatomic ions...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Should be Studying... Part 2

Studying has taken over my life. I have three finals and three projects left before my twelve hour drive back to Nashville. I'm looking forward to that drive. Most people gasp when they hear I, a girl, drive that far. However, I love it. Yes, it is long. Yes, Arkansas is the worst state to drive through. Yes, there is traffic in Dallas and Memphis. Yes, I only stop once, so my body is practically numb when I get home. Yes, there are dumb drivers and a lot of tractor trailers. Yes, I have heard it all before. But, I still love it. There is nothing like turning the music up and just driving. It clears my head. I am able to process more in those twelve hours of driving than I am sitting at my desk. It's something about being alone that I love. Of course, I am not a recluse that refuses social interaction (seriously?!, have you met me??), but it's nice to be alone for that stretch of time. So, I am looking forward to my drive.

However, I still have a week left of massive amounts of studying and coffee consumption. I'm actually drinking coffee as I type this. Oh, caffeine (I have had more coffee in the past week than any normal human should consume. I blame my favorite study place, a coffee shop. Correction, the BEST coffee shop.). Today was a Dead Day and tomorrow is one as well. I don't have an exam on Thursday, but I have my exhibition and all my projects due Friday at 6:20. Saturday I have chemistry. Monday is biology, and Tuesday wraps up finals with Spanish. I will be singing hallelujah when Spanish is done. Next semester will be my last Spanish class. Hallelujah, amen. After next semester I will be officially done with every non-teaching and non-science related class. (Yay, science! How I love you so. I promise that's normal... I think...)

This past week has not been completely academically focused. I have had three Christmas parties, Christmas on 5th Street, a job interview with Campus Visits, and random adventures with Lara. This week will be marked by studying, buying Christmas presents, and signing the lease on an apartment for next year. Yay for off-campus living. Lara, Angeli, and I are signing on Thursday. That means my distraction times have been consumed by figuring out how I'm going to decorate my room and bathroom, furniture shopping, and just plain 'ol excitement about getting off-campus. I'm looking forward to living with those girls. They are pretty much wonderful.

Well, now I must go back to studying. Oh, projects how you take over my life. No Common Grounds tonight, though. It's supposed to snow, and I already got pelted by hail when I was walking back from dinner. This weather makes perfect sense because it was 75 degrees outside two days ago. Oh, Texas and it's silly weather...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Should be Studying...

But, I'm writing a new post. I should also change my blog title from "Daily Life of a College Student" to "The Never Daily Life of a College Student Because She Fails at Daily Posting", but I think that is too long. Oh well, at least I try, right?

I'm currently sitting in my favorite coffee shop in the world, Common Grounds. It's ballin' to say the least. I have my favorite holiday coffee, Peppermint Mocha, and I'm pouring over my first love, biology (Yes, love. It's perfectly normal, I promise...). Well, I was pouring over my biology then I got distracted. It happens. Life since getting back to Baylor has been extremely busy. It's the last week of classes, so it's everyone's last efforts to make a good grade. I think everyone is behind after Thanksgiving break. I have two finals this week and one on Monday before they officially start next Thursday. It's crunch time. I'm not too worried. This weekend will be loaded with studying and working on my teaching projects (e-folio is the bane of my existence). Thursday is Christmas on 5th Street, which will be a nice reward after completing my chemistry and biology lab finals earlier that day. Friday is Christmas on the Mountain aka Christmas party at Hanna's apartment. Yesterday was my Connect Group's last meeting of the semester so we had a Christmas party: food, white elephant, and Elf. It was a nice treat to begin the week. But, alas, it all must come to an end in order to prepare for finals.

Well, my distraction time must come to an end. Off to hit the books!

Pictures of this week's adventures/studying woes to come soon!