Sunday, February 1, 2009

Please Turn Red

I'm sitting in my room listening to Andy Davis' song "Please Turn Red" on Pandora Radio (it's a pretty ballin' free radio on the internet p.s.). Even though Andy is definitely speaking about traffic lights turning red so he can spend a few more moments with a girl, I feel like I want my life to come to a "red light" if only for a moment. I can't believe it is already February 2009. I keep myself so busy that time flies and wham it's February! What in the world....

So, to catch up on the past month of life:
1. I made the journey back at the good 'ol Baylor. Oh, how I missed it. I came back early, so I was able to get everything organized and ready for classes on the 12th. I picked up the roomie from DFW. That is story unto itself. Let's just say I have never been more confused in my life. I'm avoiding that airport for the rest of my life.

2. I started classes. 17 hours, woo!
The Breakdown:
-Aerobics: Two thumbs up for Human Performance classes! 7a.m. MWF. It's intense, but good.
-American Educational Thought: Basically, an educational philosophy class. It is about as exciting as it sounds. 1.5 hours of sheer torture. Kevin, Lissa, Rachel, Steven, and I in the back wondering if the clock is broken or if we really have 1 hour left.
-Genetics: I have a funny Korean teacher. I don't really understand him, but that's o.k. He wants us to read the book and do the problems; it's more effective than listening to him. I can agree with that statement.
-Genetics Lab: Someone please show me the nearest wall so I can bang my head against it. Yep, that's how I feel about this class.
-Golf: Two very enthusiastic thumbs up for Human Performance classes! I've always wanted to learn, and the class opened up. It also means after this semester I'm done with all my HP credits, woo! Also, golfing with the uncle this summer, pumped!
-Intro to Music: Requirement for all Education Majors. It's boring. Music histoy is not the most intriguing subject.
-Political Science: I have a nerdy, adorable, young couple teaching this class, and it's with Lara. I also have funny frat guys behind me. They always provide amusement.
-Spanish 3: I want my teacher to be my grandma, no lie. She winks at everyone. It's hilarious. It's my last semester of Spanish (Hallelujah!).

3. I started work at the Campus Visits office. It's the best. I work with some of the funniest people, and I have great bosses. I also get to tell everyone how ballin' Baylor is. This weekend we had Winter Premiere (more like Spring Premiere considering it was 75 and I got a farmer's tan). It was great helping all the high schoolers find their way around campus and answer parent's questions about majors and admissions. Needless to say, I talked and stood for about 9 hours. I had no voice at 5 p.m. I LOVED it!

4. Cubbies and Youth Bible study started back up. I missed all my little kids. They're the best.

5. Disciple Now at Highland. A great start not only for the youth, but for all of the leaders as well. I loved being with my ninth grade girls. They always provide amusement.

6. CG started again. I missed the group. It's a great way to start the week, taking a break for 2 hours on Monday night just to get in the Word with other believers.

7. College ministry at Highland. Oh, Kyle Dunn, how I love you and your sensitivity to the Spirit and the hearts of college students.

8. Prayer and Host Ministries in the College Ministry. I was elected to be on both of these teams. I'm pretty pumped. The first is obviously involving prayer. I'll be one of the ones that you can pray with during our prayer time on Sunday morning. The second is basically a welcome-wagon group. I get to go around and just talk to people. Fits me, right???

As, you can see, I keep myself busy. I like it. I'm never bored and life is always an adventure! However, it would be nice to slow down for bit once in awhile. I guess that is what Sunday afternoon is for. A nap outside sounds nice, anyone got a hammock???

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